Saturday, September 26, 2009

The fern shot...

... with burned out 325i background.

Or cheap activities for gullible children part 8 bis.

- "So kids, it's Saturday. Where shall we go? The zoo? The beach? The playground with the massive slide? The playground with the not-so-massive slide but deadly swing? The Museum of Modern Art (they never go inside because of a scary lion lantern 6 exhibitions ago but love to shovel tons of gravel into the water feature in the garden a la francaise)? The cliff walk?

- The cliff walk? The one with the burned car and the berries? Oh yes, Daddy, please! Can we spend more time playing in the burned car this time? Pleaaaaase?"

I am seriously considering not renewing the zoo membership card... I'm sure I can get a banger of a car for free from someone who does not want to pay the removal fee from the council and torch it down myself in the back garden.
Recession times and all that...


  1. Excellent image. I love it. I suppose the burnt out car is a just a bigger version of the box that the little kids will play happily with all day. It would make a lovely feature in the garden and would keep you warm on the evening you torched it. Good idea.

    Nice to find you here. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments :-) I'm enjoying this blogging malarkey and I hope you do too. Love this shot :-)

  3. Well hello Mr Eye. Hope you enjoy blogland :-)

  4. Ah! Now that takes me back aprox 45 years. (hells teeth, it's scary when you write it down!), to the days when a hollow bush and muddy stream was all we needed to have a good time!

    Try telling that to my lot! (Now I even sound old!)

    Welcome to the Blogspot, refugee camp!